I am so outnumbered! I am mummy to 3 lively little boys, aged between 4 and 10

Them's my boys

Them’s my boys

…and an equally lively little girl, who is 2-and-a-half, and loves dollies and all things pink (phew!) if she had been a tomboy I might have actually cried a little bit. I’ll need a shopping buddy to escape the testosterone now and then.


Like most parents, I want my family to eat good, healthy, homecooked meals. But I don’t have the time or inclination, especially midweek, to faff around for too long preparing them…and as a single income household, they certainly need to be inexpensive (The cost of school shoes nowadays!) That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to share my passion for healthy, cheap meals, and money-saving ideas with my friends, and indeed anyone else who wants inspiration and recipe ideas.

I love batch-cooking. For very little extra effort (peeling an extra onion, chopping an extra carrot, no sweat) I know I will have at least one day the following week where I have very little work to do in order to conjure up a hearty dinner. For this reason I like prepare-ahead/freezable/easy-to-reheat dinners, and ones that can be reinvented with the addition of a couple of new ingredients, to add variety. I am turned off by recipes that require about fifty ingredients and thirty different proccesses.

I want to spend more time having discos in the dining room with my babies, quite frankly, or walking in the woods on a sunny day…rather than slaving over the cooker and peeling potatoes. (It’s a running joke between me and a friend – that we can’t be naffed to peel potatoes midweek. It’s just a thing…I can’t peel them anyway, probably coz I’m kack-handed) …Because in the blink of an eye my babies will be all grown up. And that thought makes me a bit sad in my heart.

There are some exceptions to this faff-free ideology however. One of those is baking, and another is rustling up a good curry. The tv can babysit while I’m lost in a world of spices, and I’ll admit that quite unashamedly!

This photo was taken the first day I felt 'normal', a few weeks after little pink L was born. The sun was shining....it was a great day!

This photo was taken the first day I felt ‘normal’, a few weeks after little pink L was born. The sun was shining….it was a great day!

I really enjoy trying out new recipes. My ambition is to try food from as many different countries and regions as possible (maybe this makes up for my lack of inclination/funds to travel).  My husband has developed a keen interest in cooking recently, which is lovely, and is a bonding activity, although it does bring out the territorial side of me (My Kitchen! Mine!) When the kids are older I can see us going on cookery courses together…but for now he’ll have to learn all he knows from me – and I don’t let him forget it – especially when he cooks it better than me (beginners luck!)

Our house is pretty noisy and busy, but one of the golden rules is….you guessed it…”No running in the kitchen!” (Dancing in the kitchen though, that’s allowed…if you’re name’s Mummy…and you think no one’s watching)


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