Waste not want not – freezer love

I got a new freezer recently. I love it! We decided we’d outgrown our 60/40 fridge freezer, and called for backup. 

Here it is, in its home in the utility room


(That’s my new ‘Big Muvva’ of a slow cooker on top, that I bought recently too. I’ve decided it’s the way forward, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but hey, I’m here now. More on that later)

I’m going to be starting my Personal Training and fitness instructing course in 4 weeks, and after 11 years as a SAHM (my three year old starts proper big school in September 😪. My baaaaaaby!), I reckon I’m going to need to be really super-disciplined at preparing meals and snacks ahead, and bulk cooking even more often than I do now. So on the weekends that I’m training, and when I’m working evenings, the dinner is ready to cook or reheat, taking some of the pressure off the fella, while he’s tearing his hair out looking after the 4 kids.

One of the reasons I love having more space in the freezer is that I can store any leftovers in it, so as not to waste anything. Just now I grabbed some cooked lentils, chickpeas and chopped butternut squash out, that would otherwise have gone off and been binned. I’ll make a soup with it for lunch.


Don’t forget to label your bags. I use ziplocks from Poundland, and a Sharpie pen to write the contents, weight and date that it was frozen. If you want to play Freezer Roulette, that up to you, but the fella heated up some gravy once, for Sunday lunch, and it turned out to be Baileys cheesecake sauce, just sayin’.

I have also labelled the drawers of the freezer, to save me wasting time and electricity rummaging for ages trying to find what I want. I know, I’m a kitchen geek, and proud.


So, back to the slow cooker thing. I am going to start preparing recipes, ready to bung in the slow cooker. I’ll label the bags with the contents, and instructions on cooking time/heat setting, as well as pre-cooked meals ready to reheat.

I also discovered that you can cook sweet things and all sorts in the slow cooker. The other day I Cooked the most delicious Apple, Pear and Pecan crumble that I found and adapted from Pinterest. I’ll make it again soon, and take some decent pics, with a link to the original recipe, and my tweaks.

I’ll also keep you updated on my slow-cooking and get-ahead adventures as I go along. As well as healthy sugar free/refined carb-free recipes as I discover/invent them. That’s the other news I might not have told you, I’m trying to go sugar-free nowadays, and I feel great. But I do cheat a bit too often. I put on a little bit of weight 21 lbs after my back problem started in September, so I’m trying to shift it…..Oh there’s so much I haven’t told you, we must catch up again soon.

Bye for now, I won’t leave it so long next time.

P.s Please feel free to say Hi, and post your fave slow cooker recipes and freezer tips below. I love hearing from you.


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