Our Summer Project, And The Discovery Of Delicious Icelandic Pancakes!

During the children’s summer holidays I usually like to have a few little projects ready for us to work on. This year we aren’t taking a holiday, and I wanted something we could have to fall back on come rain or shine.

So we have been travelling the six continents:
(Yes, I know there are technically 7, but only scientists live in Antarctica)

Australia and Oceania
North America and the Caribbean
Central and South America

We have been learning about where the countries are, their flag, currency, weather, traditions, leadership, places of interest….and most importantly, food!

The original aim was that the TV would go off at around 9 a.m, and not go on again until much later, and we’d all be involved and make scrapbooks, and it would all be lovely and fun and…..well of course, it hasn’t worked out exactly like that. The little ones haven’t expressed much interest, and the older two have needed some encouragement, but we have had fun learning about Cameroon, Tuvalu and Iceland so far.

In case you are wondering why the quite random countries. The only way to decide which of the hundreds of countries to research, we put all of the names into bowls, based on their continents, and then drew one of each continent out. The kids don’t know which country will be coming next. So they don’t know yet that tomorrow we start Puerto Rico. I’ve never been to the Caribbean before. I’m very excited!! I may never get to actually visit, so this is a close second.

I have loved learning about places that, as I say, I have never been to and possibly never get a chance to visit. We have tried Cameroonian steak kebabs, we kind of skipped Tuvaluan cuisine, but today I made us some Sunday morning pancakes…..Icelandic style! I will never make them any other way again.

The story that goes with these pancakes is really sweet. I found the recipe on a site called allthatcooking.com. The author describes how her friend/colleague’s mother comes from a small town in the west fjords of Iceland where there is not much sunshine in winter. At the end of January, when the sun shines on the roof of a particular house on a street named Sun Street, there is a big celebration. The locals make these golden pancakes to celebrate “Solarkaffi“, translating as “Sun Coffee” (don’t ask me why Coffee, but it was a good excuse to wash them down with a steaming hot cup)

These are apparently traditionally paired with rhubarb jam and whipped cream, but it’s not rhubarb season here in England (being the middle of summer ‘n all). We have however been blackberry picking recently. So I filled them with whipped cream and Blackberry & Apple Sauce Compote, mixed with honey and vanilla extract. Well, the result was Devine. Truly delicious! I had to share the recipe with you…

Ponnukokur (Icelandic Pancakes)

What you will need:
4 eggs
2 tsp sugar
1 3/4 cups plain flour
2 cups milk
1 tbsp melted butter, cooled slightly
1 tsp vanilla extract

How to:
1. Whisk the eggs, sugar and flour together in a large bowl, making sure you have no lumps (try adding the flour gradually)

2. Whisk in the milk, slowly, then the vanilla and melted butter.

3. Heat a smallish frying pan over a medium heat, brushing or rubbing with a tiny bit of melted butter before cooking each crepe-style pancake.

4. When the pan is nice and hot, add 1/4 cup of batter, quickly rotating it to spread the mixture all around evenly and thinly.

5. When bubbles start to appear, slide a pallette knife or fish slice under the edge of the pancake, and see if it’s starting to go golden in places. If it has, carefully slide the utensil all the way under, and turn it over, cooking for half a minute or so on the other side.

6. Keep the prepared pancakes on a covered plate until they are all ready, then serve with a dollop of cream and some compote or jam. Then roll or fold however you wish.

Warning: don’t let the children wear their best clothes to eat these!









I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Let me know if you make them yourself, and what you fill yours with.


2 responses to “Our Summer Project, And The Discovery Of Delicious Icelandic Pancakes!

    • Oh I’m so pleased you liked it! They were quite honestly the best pancakes I’ve ever made. So thank you for sharing the recipe, and the story behind them.
      Cesca x

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