Mama’s Kitchen Pottering = Slow-Cooked Spicy Pork With Buttered Noodles

As you can see from the title, I wasn’t sure where this dish was going before I started making it. I had some diced pork defrosting, but that was about as far as my planning had gone until about 3:45 this afternoon.

The result, after a couple of hours of slow cooking, was a rich, tender, spicy pork dish. I served it with Buttered noodles, but it would work with rice, a Jacket Spud, or even mashed potatoes. Even though it was quite spicy, the kids wolfed it down, and were all disappointed that there wasn’t any left for seconds. I’ll learn a lesson and make double next time. If your family prefer milder food, just leave out the fresh chilli.


Slow-Cooked Spicy Pork

Over a medium heat, cook a chopped onion in about a tablespoon of olive oil (I used half olive oil, half sesame oil. But don’t feel you have to buy some in specially)

After a few minutes, add a generous thumb-sized chunk of grated ginger, 1 chopped deseeded red chilli and 3 crushed garlic cloves

Cook for a minute, before adding:
1/2 tsp cumin seeds and 1/4 tsp fennel seeds, lightly bashed
1 tsp mild chilli powder, 2 tsp paprika a dash of cayenne pepper
and some salt and black pepper

Cook the spices out for a minute or two, then add a packet of diced pork, stirring frequently for a few minutes to avoid it sticking.

Throw in a carton/tin of chopped tomatoes, I cup (200 mls) of chicken stock and a couple of chopped peppers, then 1 1/2 Tbsp soy sauce and 2 tsps honey

Put a lid on the pan, turn the heat right down and cook for about two hours, stirring occasionally.
I helped the boys with their homework and then sat down to watch Pointless. What a treat?! What will you do with your two hours?

P.s you could probably make this in a slow cooker…if you do, let us know how it turns out.


2 responses to “Mama’s Kitchen Pottering = Slow-Cooked Spicy Pork With Buttered Noodles

  1. Nice recipe. I do something very similar in a slow cooker and it works great. The slow cooker also allows for bigger batches which saves time the next day just heating leftovers. Most people don’t realize how much of an impact food choices make to both physical, mental and financial health. It doesn’t matter what tax bracket you’re in. It’s great to see your focus on doing something fantastic for your family on many levels.

  2. Thank you :0) Yes, batch cooking is great! Kicking myself that I didn’t make double this time. Now that I know this concoction was a hit, I will next tine. Might try it in the slow cooker too.

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