Jamie-Inspired Waste-Busting Breakfast Smoothies

We’ve been working our way through the Channel 4 series Jamie’s Money Saving Meals in our house recently. Oh my goodness, I want to make every recipe! Especially the leftover chicken stew and dumplings! I have a chicken in the freezer, so I know what we’ll be eating on Monday night.

I love the bit where Jamie goes round to people’s houses to help them tackle their waste issues, and they look all surprised to see Him…except, there’s clearly a camera crew already in their house. That really bugs my husband. It’s ok, he’ll get over it.

In one episode, they made smoothies from some frozen fruit that would otherwise have been chucked out. So I tried it the other night, putting the ingredients into a sandwich bag, popping it in the freezer until I needed it, then blitzing in the liquidizer with some yoghurt, milk and honey. Amazing! Thick and creamy like a milkshake, but without the fattening ice cream. The boys wanted some for breakfast this morning, and they loved it. They asked for it again tomorrow, but I thought buying the ingredients in specially might defeat the object of the exercise slightly.


Here’s what we put in our Waste-Busting Breakfast Smoothies:
1 banana
handful of fresh pineapple chunks
some peeled, chopped fresh ginger
a small handful of oats
(Well, it wouldn’t be a Jamie-inspired recipe without some ‘handfuls’ of stuff. It’s a very precise measurement don’tcha know?)

You could use lots of different ingredients, anything that can be frozen really. Pop them into individual serving sized portions in sandwich bags, and freeze.

When you want to make the smoothie, break the pieces apart to make it easier to liquidize. You don’t want to break your blender…that would not be economical! Add a couple of dollops of yoghurt, a big splash of milk, and a spoonful of honey, then blend. We also added a bit of coconut milk, simply because we had some leftover in the fridge.

This will serve at least two, or one very hungry person in a tall glass. The ginger gives it a bit of a ‘zing’ and is a great pick-me-up in the morning. Let us know your favourite flavour combinations…


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