Herman’s back!


If you have ever been offered a pot of bubbling, slightly off smelling mixture in the name of friendship, then read the instructions it comes with, and thought “that goes against all logic. I wouldn’t usually leave milk on my kitchen counter for 10 days before eating it!” as I did when I was offered some by my neighbour last year…well, don’t!

This sourdough mixture (which is essentially what it is) makes a seriously delicious cake! And what’s more, you will have fun feeding and nurturing him (His name’s Herman)…the kids will have fun talking to him and checking on him (yes he is a living thing, and has feelings and everything). You can even freeze him if you struggle with the whole ‘pass it on’ bit (as I do), ready to continue nurturing when you’re ready.

I missed Herman so much that I found a recipe for a starter mixture online yesterday, and that’s him in the picture. Apparently he could go on to live for a hundred years….meaning he’ll outlive me. What a slightly morbid thought…anyway…Here’s that website I was on about http://www.hermanthegermanfriendshipcake.com/how-to-make-your-own-sourdough-starter-for-a-herman-the-german-friendship-cake/

Enjoy, If you dare…no seriously, don’t be scared! Oh, and Happy Easter :0))


2 responses to “Herman’s back!

  1. Absolutely! We were passed Herma a while ago and the one slightly yucky thing that I worried about was all the germs that had been stirred around in him! After figuring that the temperature of the oven will have killed all of those, we thoroughly enjoyed it. He is truly yummy!

  2. Herma’s on the ‘critical’ list today. A distinct lack of noticeable bubbles. I hope he pulls through! I don’t think I’ve killed a Herman off to date, I don’t want to sart now :0( oh dear, I think I’ve become emotionally attached ;0)

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