Lower-fat Anything-goes Flapjacks

It’s payday on Friday – holler! Ok, I promise I won’t ever say ‘Holler’ again. Anyway…the cupboards are looking a bit…well…not bare exactly, but rather random. For example, I have a whole bottle of sweet chilli sauce, a packet of gnocci and loads of cous cous, that kind of stuff. But basics like, onions, fresh milk and coffee (it is a basic!)…i’m all out. I’m determined to stick to my food budget this month, but I still have a few quid of it left. The coffee may have to wait til friday though :0(

This afternoon I was in the mood to bake something quick, something that would give me the energy to walk back up the icy hill to school (I am so over the snow, aren’t you?); Something I could pop in the kids’ luchboxes tomorrow. I had loads of oats in the cupboard, and quite a bit of dried fruit and nuts left from all my festive baking (doesn’t Christmas feel like months ago?!) And even though I bought way too much butter at Christmas, and have loads leftover, I wanted to bake something quite low fat.

Of course it had to be flapjacks, and hence the need to be low-fat. Once I pop them I find it very hard to stop…the crusty bits round the edge of the pan don’t count, right?

I kind of made it up as I went along, but they turned out really yummy. Here’s how I made these Lower-fat Anything-goes flapjacks:


190g Porridge Oats,

half-a-dozen or so Apricots (dates or cherries)

100g Cranberries (raisins or sultanas)

handful Pecan Nuts, roughly chopped (other nuts or seeds)

25g Dessicated Coconut

3 tbsp Golden Syrup (or honey)

2 tbsp Orange Juice (or apple)

1 tbsp Olive Oil (or veg/sunflower oil)

Mix all of the ingredients together, then scrape and press into a lightly greased, small baking tin and cook at 170 for about 18 mins (but you know your own oven, so adjust heat and time accordingly), until lightly golden on top.

As soon as you take the tin out of the oven, score the shape of the flapjack squares with a knife, but don’t try to take them out til they have completely cooled, otherwise you’ll get a plate of crumbs.

Makes about 16 small, shallow squares…if you want a deeper flapjack, try doubling the ingredients.

They really are very healthy, and could also be crumbled over natural yoghurt for breakfast.

I only had one....honest.

I only had one….honest.

I might post one of my other favourite storecupboard recipes later this week…The considerably less healthy Ten Minute Start-To-Finish Microwaveble Chocolate Cake.


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